Friday, March 12, 2010

Point of view

One night, one strange incident. A gas station is robbed but who is the victim and who committed the crime? In another kind of 'Rashomon' storytelling some typical Berlin characters like the young, angry, suburbian girl and the infamous TV celebrity are involved and tell their very own version of the crime...

I wanted to combine the classic idea of showing different flashbacks with a 'one night' action thriller like After hours or Running scared in the present timeline.

We shot this in two nights with famous TV actor Sascha Hehn, we all know so well from his 1980s appearances in Traumschiff and Schwarzwaldklinik. Here, he returns with an exceptional performance as an egomanic TV host. Karolina Lodyga (Anna und die Liebe) played Lucie and was acting in front of a camera for the first time.
Me and the production company hope to produce the feature film in 2010.

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